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How to paint wall in a fashion

Why not come up creatively to the choice of paint and do not make your interior bright and unrepeatable? With a combination of different colors in one room, the result is amazing. You can choose the most unusual shades; combine them with each other, so that in the end the room looks stunning. Designers are now trying to use the interior trend “three colors” in their projects.

Paint how to make the right choice

Inspired by this trend, the English company has released a whole collection of “historical” colors that are not used alone, but in the company of 2-3 other colors. The view from such a beauty is difficult to tear off. One color in itself can be attractive, the combination of 2 colors can be beautiful, and the correct use of just 3 shades allows you to achieve a special sophistication.

Another well-known manufacturer of paints also does not lag behind and offers to diversify the design of walls with a combination of colors. If you are intrigued by this trend, here are some tips to help in its application.

Color combination

You can use two or three colors in case of wall light design, yes as many as you want. The main thing is that they all combine together. First you need to determine which color combination you want to use.

Someone, for example, prefers barely noticeable transitions. And in this case, you should choose close shades (say, mint and blue) or two neutral (beige and gray). It is very popular gradient coloring, or ombre, as it is also called. It is a smooth transition from a light tint to a darker one or from one color to another. Another variant of the combination is completely different and even contrasting colors: orange and light green, blue and red.

Whichever gamma you choose, it can always be supplemented with white color – it will be incredibly impressive and expressive.


In order to get perfectly smooth and accurate borders between the colors, you need a hand wizard. Although in fact it is not so important. You can do with the use of interesting moldings, wooden slats, and curbs of stone or mosaic. As a result, no one will notice the uneven joints.


You can experiment by painting, for example, one wall in gray, the other in pink with white inserts or by highlighting a projection with a bright tint. But the most common option division horizontally, when part of the wall is painted in one color, part in the other.Most often, the border passes at a level of 2/3 of the floor, but you can do it almost under the ceiling, in the middle of the wall or above the middle.
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